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2015 English Olympiad Winners! 

Back row: Louisa Clayton (Grahamstown Foundation CEO & Chair of Olympiad Executive Committee); Elizabeth Herselman (SACEE Examiner); Robert McGregor (Top 15 Chaperone); Josie Burness, Fairmont High School; Keegan Leech, St John's College, Jhb; Angus Thring, Bishops Diocesan College; Tawanda Mulalu, Maru-a-Pula, Botswana; Nonkululeku Sikakane (Tshikululu Social Investments); Ndana Tendayi (Top 15 Chaperone); Colleen Callahan (SACEE Chief Examiner)

Middle row: Jane Grindley (Olympiad Officer); Vamika Sinha, Maru-a-Pula, Botswana;  Manu Huyssen, Somerset College; Emily Wedepohl, Trinityhouse High School, Rynhard de Bruyn, Helpmekaar Kollege; Nandini Kochar, Maru-a-Pula, Botswana; Rebecca Chetwin, St Teresa's School; Zaheerah Limbada, Merrifield College; Ingrid Wylde (Grahamstown Foundation Director, Arts Education)

Front row: Anne Peltason (SACEE Chairman Eastern Cape);  Dr Sizwe Mabizela (Vice Chancellor - Rhodes University); Tamsin Metelerkamp - 3rd place, Rustenburg High School for Girls; Tsepo Monaledi (Head of De Beers Zimele); Hannah Fagan - 1st place, Camps Bay High School; Dr Malcolm Venter (Chairman SACEE National); Dr Diana Ayliff (SACEE Academic Co-ordinator) 

Not in the picture: Jessica Craven - 2nd place, Northcliff High School; Aimee Fuller - 11th place, Bridge House


Logging on to this website

Teachers-in-charge of entering candidates into the English Olympiad will be issued with a username and password to access their school’s entry and to check on the accuracy of their candidates names, grades, etc., and finally to see their results when they are released during late June each year.

Please contact the Olympiad Officer for your username and password. Please check your candidates’ details and let us know immediately if there are corrections that need to be made.

!! Paperless Online Entry Process Coming !!


We are currently developing a paperless, online entry process.

Teachers-in-charge of entering candidates into the English Olympiad will be able to enter their school’s information (school’s name, principal’s and teacher’s names, telephone, cell and email contact details and physical and postal addresses), directly onto this website.

The online entry process will do away with emailed and faxed entries and will allow teachers-in-charge to update/edit their entries online.

Please keep checking this website for further details.


Please click on the documents below to access the 2016 Call for Entries, the 2016 Entry Form and the Letter to Principals:

Click 2016 CALL FOR ENTRIES to download 2016 Call for Entries

Click 2016 ENTRY FORM to download the 2016 Entry Form

Principals are encouraged to support their Candidates. Download 2016 Letter to Principals


2015 English Olympiad TOP 20 Announced in RANK ORDER!

Rank Title First name Last name School
1 Ms Hannah Fagan Camps Bay High School
2 Ms Jessica Craven Northcliff High School
3 Ms Tamsin Metelerkamp Rustenburg High School for Girls
4 Ms Josie Burness Fairmont High School
5 Ms Zaheerah Limbada Merrifield College
6 Ms Manu Huyssen Somerset College
7 Mr Tawanda Mulalu Maru-A-Pula, Gaborone
8 Mr Keegan Leech St John's College, Jhb
9 Ms Emily Wedepohl Trinityhouse High School
10 Ms Rebecca Chetwin St Teresa's School
11 Ms


Fuller Bridge House
12 Mr Rynhard de Bruyn
Helpmekaar Kollege
13 Ms Vamika Sinha Maru-A-Pula, Gaborone
14 Ms Nandini Kochar Maru-A-Pula, Gaborone
15 Mr Angus Thring Bishops Diocesan College
16 Ms Azminah Jhetam Jeppe High Schools for Girls
17 Ms Jo-Anne Pringle Jeppe High Schools for Girls
18 Mr Grant Fourie Heronbridge College
19 Mr Nicholas Herd Westville Boys' High School
20 Ms Emma Johansson St John's College, Jhb

Click here for the RANK ORDER of the Top 100 for 2015.

Click here for the official press release for July 2015.

Click here for an explanation of the symbols.


Saul Musker, 2nd place in the 2012 English Olympiad, reflects on writing the examination:

Isaac Asimov, the celebrated American science fiction writer, once declared: ‘If the doctor told me I had six minutes to live, I'd type a little faster.’ Reading this quote, my mind wandered to the top-corridor English classroom where I recently wrote my last English Olympiad, with Mrs Leaver’s voice in the distance: ‘Six minutes left, everyone! Hurry along!’ Six minutes left! Lord have mercy! It wasn’t that I was worried about time; I had just finished my last piece, and was about to give it a final read-over. No; I owed my despair instead to the realisation that I would never write another Olympiad. For me, the Olympiad is more than just another exam or competition. It is protected time for creativity; a dedicated three hours devoted to writing. I only wish I could write one every day, to escape the usual chaos of our existence, to let the ink pour out of my grateful mind. F Scott Fitzgerald observed that ‘all good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath.’ So dive, ye stranger! Submerge yourself in the cool green waters of your imagination, of the English language, of this moment in time!



      News and Updates

  • The Olympiad Office still has study materials available for schools still hoping to enter the 2016 English Olympiad! Please complete all the forms in detail and submit entry fees and payment for PostNet counter-to-counter service (see attachment below for POSTAGE costs), along with the PostNet address from which you will collect your study materials. We cannot assist you if we do not have completed forms, entry fees and postage payment.
  • POSTAGE options for STUDY MATERIALS:  Please click here to find out about the various postage options for the delivery of your study materials.  Please call 046 603 1145 / 07 if you have any questions.
  • The 2016 Call for Entries is available on this website! See 2016 CALL FOR ENTRIES to the left of this news column and click on the links to download the Call for Entries booklet, Entry Form and Letter to Principals.
  • The 2016 English Olympiad theme is:  "A journey into darkness: Excerpts from stories exploring the darker side of human nature" and the title of the anthology is "The Darkness in Man’s Heart". 
  • 2016 CLOSING DATES for entries: 
  • EXTENDED MAIN CLOSING DATE: Wed 23 September 2015 (original date: 9 September)
  • LATE ENTRY CLOSING DATE: Friday 30 October 2015
  • The RANK ORDER of the 2015 TOP 100 De Beers English Olympiad Winners was announced at a Prize Giving Ceremony attended by 700 Grade 12s during the National Schools Festival on 16 July 2015. You can find the RANK ORDER of the 2015 Top 100 linked to this homepage. Look for the link on the left hand side of this news column. We congratulate all candidates who wrote the English Olympiad exam in 2015 and who achieved a certificate!
  • The last batch of 2015 CERTIFICATES has been posted to schools by ordinary Registered Letter (South African Post Office) on Wednesday 26th August 2015. Please look out for them in the post and email/phone the Olympiad Officer if you need the tracking number. SMS your tracking number to 35277 to trace your Registered Letter.
  • Looking for inspiration?
  • Find past exam papers, English exercises, study inspiration or guidance for First Additional Language students by going to the "Exam Materials" tab on this website for past exam papers and FAL Study Guides. You may wish to visit A DICTIONARY OF SOUTH AFRICAN ENGLISH at: http://dsae.co.za/
  • The De Beers English Olympiad won a medal in the Academic Achievements category of the Eastwave Radio Nelson Mandela International  Day Community Leadership Awards in August 2015.
  • The De Beers English Olympiad was a DEVELOPMENT AWARD FINALIST in the 17th Annual Business Day Business Arts South Africa (BASA) Awards partnered by Hollard. The achievement was celebrated at the BASA Awards on 26 August 2014.
  • 046 603 1145  / 07 
  • Email: olympiad@foundation.org.za



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